Holiday decor and spirit usually adds a little bit of fun to life.  So although I was short on time,  I didn’t want it to stop me from sending a little Valentine’s Day spirit to my brother and my nieces and nephew.  Looking back, I could have even added Valentine’s Day M&M’s or other festive coated candy, but another holiday…another dessert!  I decided to make this brownie recipe, but I doubled it and made it in a 13″ x 9″ pan.  I did mostly hearts and a couple of these flowers since I apparently either don’t have or couldn’t easily locate a larger heart cutter.  The thunder thigh curse benefit  of cutting shapes out of brownies is that you’re suddenly left with all the outer scraps…

I’ve said it once, but I’ll say it again.  These brownies rock.  They’re fudgy, but not to the extent that they totally fall apart into pieces (obviously) when you cut into them.  A go-to recipe for sure. Enjoy!