As most of you know, I have an unhealthy paper/stationary obsession.  Between making my own invitations for parties like the Halloween ones or bridal shower and deciding to have our wedding invitations custom designed, I would say my interest in stationary is well above average.

So, I started thinking about our holiday cards a while ago, but I was a little stuck that I didn’t really have a picture of us that seemed right.  As part of my search I found a couple Christmas card options at Shutterfly that I thought might work with a silly photo we have from Halloween in our costumes, but if I had had a nice professional photo that I could crop or change the orientation on (although I do wish you could sort cards by orientation), there probably would have been even more options!  This just makes me think that next year I’ll have to make sure to nab some snazzy photo for next year’s ordering!

Then I found out about the free 50 Christmas card promotion that they’re offering if you write a blog post, and it just seemed to all fit perfectly into place. 🙂  They even have matching address labels,  photo calendars, and some holiday party invitation options, so watch out.  Ms. I-love-coordinating coming through!

Here’s a few options I’m considering…