This year the weekend following Corrie’s birthday was “Halloween weekend”.  So, since we have been doing so much travel, and Corrie requested to stay home for his birthday, I held a combination birthday/Halloween party at our house.

So, although it’s a little late for Halloween recipes, most of these are either not Halloween themed or could be adapted to any holiday!  Here’s what’s on tap for the next couple posts with the exception of the ones already featured here before!


  • Rosemary Parmesan Pinwheels
  • Chicken Enchilada Roll-Ups
  • Baked Southwest Eggrolls
  • Pepperoni Bread
  • Veggies and Dill Dip
  • And a few explanations needed like chips and salsa and assorted cheeses with crackers


  • Candy Corn Cupcakes
  • Grasshopper Cupcakes (The birthday boy’s request.)
  • Halloween Bark
  • Oreo Truffles
  • Cutout Cookies