So I wanted to make a dessert, but it needed to go two places – Corrie’s co-worker’s birthday treat and to watch the Superbowl with a few guys.  The dilemma was how to make one recipe fit two things, and candy melts ended up fitting the bill perfectly.  I’ve seen numerous places where people use candy melts in creative ways, often spawned from the creativity of Bakerella, so I decided to make little toppers for the Superbowl-bound cupcakes as an easy way to make them festive!

I simply printed out each teams’ logos, laid a piece of wax paper on top, melted the candy melts, and piped out the logos then put them in the fridge to harden.  Now I am just going to have to show restraint on how often I do this…the possibilities are endless!

Oh…and these cupcakes, especially the frosting, – totally delicious; recipe is coming up next!