I love sending care packages, because I think it’s not only fun to get mail but to surprise other people it too.  I haven’t sent as many as I’d like, since a) school, or at least avoiding schoolwork, takes up a lot of what would be my free time and b) I always worry about things being stale upon arrival.  Future plans include compiling a list of yummy treats that stay fresh for a few extra days!

In Valentine’s spirit, I sent these to my brother who sent me a picture from his iPhone which is composed so much better with the milk in the cute jar, etc. than mine ever are.  It cracked me up; he’s creative, what can I say.

The “X” and “O” cookies were inspired by here, although I decided to make full-size cookies and to fill the entire cookie with icing to keep them fresher during shipping.  The recipe is the same one I used here.  Now all I need is to get some Americolor Red to be able to make actual red and try this again…