I know everyone says natural light is the best to take pictures in, and there’s all sorts of set-ups out there to mimic natural light and build your own light box, etc.  It’s a nice thought, but A) I’m way too neurotic to leave an ugly light box/light panels set-up sitting in the corner of my house for months on end B) I’m way too apathetic to save food to rearrange the next day during daylight hours to take pictures of something I ate the night before in natural light (I mean I am the person who consisently takes her picture in about 10 seconds flat to avoid holding up the start of eating!!) and C) I don’t own a SLR camera, but geesh, I was looking at some pictures I had taken of some (about 1/8 haha – did I mention my mother’s Lebanese people?!?) of the food at Thanksgiving and there are 6 huge windows in that room at their house and WOW.  What a difference.