When we arrived back from IU, we were greeted by my Mom, Dad, and brother who had arrived about an hour before us.  We spent a wonderful albeit too short weekend with them, and then they headed back to Cleveland and Philadelphia.  That Friday my mother-in-law came in for a visit, full of shopping and a few new recipes, but alas everyone has now returned, and we have no visitors on the immediate horizon…hint…hint….HINT PEOPLE!!!

Since I knew my family would get here before we would after being gone a week, our house wasn’t exactly bursting with fresh groceries, so I made a few items to stick in the freezer to get us through the next morning, and luckily it worked!!

We had herbed biscuits and Pioneer Woman’s Cinnamon Rolls.   Now let’s start with the obvious – I was in a bit of a rush, so I accidentally skipped one rise before you add in the final flour, etc. so I think it affected the texture a bit; they were stickier than they should have been and therefore didn’t retain their shape very well when sliced hence why it looks more like pull-apart bread than rolls.  Needless to say, still tasty, but I am definitely going to try these again when I can concentrate on what I’m doing!!

Since I didn’t change anything (on purpose) from the original recipe I’m just going to link you to it right here.   One note, I froze them after they had risen but prior to baking.  Then I brought them (close) to room temperature still covered and baked them probably 5-10 minutes longer.