The fondant and gum paste Wilton course was probably my favorite.  I love the clean lines fondant can achieve, and if flavored, I really don’t think the fondant has an unappealing taste, but Corrie’s still not a huge fan of the texture.  I think next I’m going to look into making other gum paste flowers; they really add such a neat element to the cake, and basically, since I’m a goofball, I like knowing how to do those things!

We ended up taking this to share as my birthday cake, and it was my only “from scratch” cake recipe I made for the course, which I found the recipe for at Good Things Catered.   Since I didn’t change anything about the recipe instead of using a regular, not organic lemon I’m just going to direct you there via the above link.  Next time I’d like to make the raspberry filling for it, but I didn’t have any raspberries on hand!

F&G Final Cake